"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success". --Henry Ford

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What is Therapy and is it Right for Me?

Adolescent Therapy:

Growing up is hard work so it is no surprise that teenagers struggle so hard to navigate their lives.  Teens often feel as though their parents and other family members do not understand them.  This can lead to increased conflict, isolation, depression, anxiety, and behavioral challenges.  In a safe, caring environment, I can help teenagers find positive and effective ways to work through relationship problems with parents, siblings, peers, and authority figures.  They will also be able to identify emotions and will learn how to express these emotions in a healthy, effective way.  Family therapy is essential when working with adolescents.

Family Therapy:  

This type of therapy helps families identify maladaptive patterns that affect each family member.  Each member has a unique and important voice in the therapy process.  Understanding how each member contributes to both the problem AND the solution is an important aspect in the healing process.  Stepfamilies can be especially difficult to navigate because there are often problems with loyalties, grief, adjustment, and expectations. Understanding the stages of stepfamily formation and learning ways to strengthen the marriage while helping children adjust can be very helpful in reducing some of the most stressful stepfamily transitions. Early intervention is key to preventing more serious problems from developing.

Individual Therapy: 

In our adult lives, we are sometimes faced with situations that feel overwhelming. Individual therapy provides a unique, confidential environment to address issues such as conflicts in relationships, work-related stressors, depression and anxiety. Throughout the therapy process, clients will be able to take a deeper look at the dynamics that contribute to the problem.  Discovering personal strengths and resources will help the client feel empowered to make the necessary changes to improve their lives.

Marital/Couples Therapy:  

In any relationship, each individual interacts with others based on their life experiences, what they were taught as children and how they have learned to solve problems.  When joining together as a couple, each brings their unique experiences to the relationship.  Conflicts can arise when one feels that their needs have not been met. It is important to realize that there are three separate entities to cultivate in a relationship: each individual and the connection between them.  Paying close attention to this dynamic will help couples identify healthier ways to communicate so that they can be more attentive to their partner’s needs.